How Rider Training Works

When you purchase an Advanced Course through IAM RoadSmart, you will be assigned to the local group that covers your geographical area.

With East Surrey, we will be in touch very soon after you’ve registered for a course with some welcome information. We’ll assign you an observer who will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable time and place to meet up for your first Observed Run. (Unlike the Car wing, we currently do not conduct the motorcycle training via mass meet up at Nutfield).

From there-on-in, its a very flexible approach towards your training. Generally you’ll be in contact with your assigned observer, and will arrange directly with them when and where to meet for each session.

Training is conducted on your own motorcycle. The number and frequency of sessions varies greatly from rider to rider. Many of our associates meet with their observer once every 2-4 weeks, and have around 7 or 8 runs before being test ready. Though as mentioned above, its flexible and ultimately we’ll work with you to get you test ready, however long it takes, provided you remain keen and enthusiastic.

Each OR lasts approximately 1½ – 2 hours, will include a variety of different roads including urban streets, country byways or motorways with varying traffic conditions. During an OR, your Observer will evaluate your riding skills and make suggestions on how to improve, which will sometimes also include demonstration rides.

At the end of the ride, your Observer will summarise your achievements along with areas for improvement, and will answer any questions you might have. A brief record is added in your course logbook to support your driving development plan and also onto our Tracker system. After some development, assistance and support, you should reach the standard required to pass your Advanced Riding Test.

To pass the test, you need to demonstrate to the IAM Examiner that you can consistently ride at the standards set out in the course logbook.

All of our observers are volunteers, give up their time and motorcycle for free. We are not afforded costs. It is greatly appreciated if the associate is willing to contribute towards your observer’s fuel & maintenance costs. This is a voluntary contribution – normally between £10/£15 per session – directly to your observer.