HPC Young Drivers Day

With the High Performance Course’s Young Drivers Day only a few weeks away (23rd July 2022), worth noting that there are still some spaces on the day…
Age is the main limit, and it is aimed at those who are 26 or younger – however, if there are spaces and you are only slightly outside that criteria, it is probably worth making contact and seeing if there is some flexibility.

For those who haven’t been on one before, it is a very cheap day for some very good advanced training.
It is a full 8 hour day with time split between inside ‘classroom style’ sessions run by Advanced Police Instructors and looking at 2 areas which are not often tackled in normal driving instruction – cornering and overtaking. They are two areas which getting wrong is the cause of many accidents, but getting it right can transform the enjoyment of driving a country road. To balance the indoor sessions there are 4 driving sessions – paired up with someone who has graduated from the High Performance Course, they will drive you in their car, and you then drive them in your car – pairing up with someone different morning and afternoon. This gives an opportunity to see a different style of driving, to ask questions, and to put some of what you hear into practice.

Generally, those who have been on the day rate it very highly, so if you have not, then why not give it a try?! If you have any questions, do post them on here and I will happily try to answer them!

Click here for more details and to register: High Performance Course – Young Drivers Day