One of the benefits of the East Surrey Group, is that we have both car & motorcycle courses on offer. We are one of only a few combined groups.

We have several observers who work across both sections of the group, and some others who specialise in just one field.

The motorcycle wing had really taken off over the last 3 years, with many new members and IAM test passes (some at F1RST). We have been organising some great social rides – both long and short distance for riders of all abilities, and will be doing many more in the future as COVID restrictions ease.

Some of the bikers are all year, all weather riders but we know all too well that it can be a real turn-off getting soaked or cold to the bone; so if you’re not inclined to get out on the bike over the coming winter months do the training to get qualified in the car.

Please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page to arrange a taster session or a chat with one of our motorcycle observers.