Welcome to East Surrey IAM

In line with guidance from the government & IAM, we are pleased to announce that motorcycle training will resume on the 12th April.

We are a group affiliated with IAM Roadsmart (formerly Institute of Advanced Motorists) that provides advanced training for both car drivers and motorcycle riders in Surrey. We are one of only a few combined groups which offers training for both branches.

Our main activity is to improve road safety by helping others achieve the standards required to pass the IAM Advanced Test, and drive at a safer and more skilled lever.

You can receive expert guidance while you drive your own car or motorcycle over a varied route through a range of different road types. We meet up on the second Sunday of each month at our centre in Bletchingley, where we conduct our Observed Runs. You can also have many more runs with an observer at other convenient times.

Associate membership is open to anyone who holds a full driving licence for the category of vehicle they wish to drive.

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Training Restart

Motorcycle training will resume on 12th April. We are hoping that car training may resume shortly after. More to follow.

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