Who we are

East Surrey Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists is one of two hundred plus local organisations affiliated to IAM RoadSmart.  Based in Nutfield, we serve the Eastern part of Surrey, West Kent and the Northern part of West Sussex.  Many of our members live on the southern edge of Greater London and others come from as far afield as Gloucester, Cornwall and North Wales!

We also have an Advanced Motorcyclists wing within East Surrey IAM.

We are a registered charity, No. 1059630, whose aims are:

  • to improve the driving standards of our members
  • to heighten their enjoyment of motoring
  • to increase road safety

All group observers are full members of IAM RoadSmart.

Our Group Officers
Thomas Hogg Tom has been an IAM member for many years, along with East Surrey as well. He is a very experienced driver and observer and has recently taken the post as Chair.
Nick Brown Nick joined East Surrey in the last few years, and has gained membership by emergency services exemption. He is a car F1RST member and observer, in addition to being a national observer for motorcycles.
John Ruffle John has been with East Surrey for many years, and is a very well respected member of our team. John is National Observer for cars, and a very experienced member of our team. In addition to this, he is qualified in the financial industry and volunteers his skills help the successful running of out group.