How Membership Works

Membership to IAM RoadSmart currently costs £39 per year (from April 2022). This gives you access to lots of benefits & activities, including discounts on Motor Insurance and Breakdown cover.

This applies whether you are an Associate or a Full Member.

Your first year’s membership as an associate is included when you purchase your first advanced course. Most associates pass their advanced test within a year.

In addition to being a member of IAM RoadSmart, as an associate you must also be a member of a local group, who deliver the training. However, your first year’s local group membership is also inlcuded when you purchase an advanced course.

At East Surrey, we do not charge associates any local group membership fee, regardless of training time. However; should your training last longer than a year, you will need to renew your IAM RoadSmart membership.

As a full member, as well as maintaining your annual IAM RoadSmart membership, you have the option of joining/remaining with a local group. This enables you to join in with social events, training activities, to further progress your advanced skill, support our continuing work in road safety, or even join the training team as an observer.

Full membership of East Surrey IAM is currently £15 per year, taken via Direct Debit. You must have current IAM RoadSmart membership to be member of any local group. 

East Surrey IAM is a voluntary organisation and everyone gives up their time for free, but there are still costs to be covered; including venue hire, training & events, and various protection insurances.

We utilise Gift Aid where appropriate, which significantly increases your donations to us, and helps us to deliver more training to road users.