Both our advanced car and motorcycle courses are DVSA quality assured, and nationally recognised. 

All course packages cover the following:

  • 1 year Associate Membership of East Surrey Group of Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists (£10 per year thereafter) 
  • A place on one of our Courses to prepare for the IAM Advanced Test with as many observed runs as you require. 
  • The IAM Roadsmart Advanced Test Fee
  • Your first year’s Membership of IAM Roadsmart after passing the Advanced Test.

Simply purchase a courses below, but be sure to enter our Group number and description (2107 East Surrey Group) during the registration process to ensure your details come through to us! 

What it costs

Associate membership of our group is included in the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Course package which costs £149 and includes twelve months of advice from our team of fully qualified observers.

We are always pleased to welcome full members who have already passed their IAM test. Subscription for our group is only £10 per year, and you can join a full range of activities helping others to “make the grade” or just socialising. We can also help you to become an observer yourself through our observer training scheme.

There are also many other training courses that we offer.

Click here for a full list of courses offered by IAM RoadSmart. Remember to enter “2107 East Surrey Group” so your details get passed to our associate coordinator.